Powerful & Efficient Inventory Management

The cloud-based POS solutions provided by ABBARePOS will ensure to make your business more aligned and efficient while also taking the manual task of inventory management and backlogging away from your hands. Now is the time for you to optimize your business with the best steps while letting ABBARePOS take care of all your inventory management tasks so that you can introduce better solutions in the stock according to customer needs.

Fast, Smart, and Organized Inventory Control

Inventory control is a need for every business as it provides a complete assessment of the stock and allows for better improvements to take place that result in better success for the business. Enhance your business solutions with the inventory management software introduced by ABBARePOS, these include detailed inventory reports, managing multi-location warehouses, accessing inventory and stock information anytime from anywhere, and introducing promotions for your customers to stay satisfied with your business.

Accurate customer profiling

Manage Inventory in One Place

ABBARePOS allows you to manage your inventory from a single so you can easily assess your stock right from your fingertips without the hassle of manual work.


Control Stock Across Locations

Have multiple stores across several locations? ABBARePOS allows multi-store inventory management with an integrated system that allows businesses to analyze data from warehouses from a single place.


Predict Stock Availability

Get detailed inventory reports on where your stock needs updating and which stock needs to be changed entirely so that future stock availability can be managed with ease and efficiency.


Access Multiple Inventory Reports

Assess multiple inventory reports i.e. physical stock report, stock ledger, stock expiry report, item trial balance valuation report, stock in-hand report, and item trial balance report.


Add Promotions

Introduce promotions and discounts with ease and keep your customers satisfied with your business solutions while also keeping them coming back to your store for their needs.

Get Your Business Tech Optimized
for Increased Growth & Success

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