Watch a demo of CISePOS to review our features

This demo has been created to give you an overview of what CISePOS’s web-based pos software offers, and a look at our dashboard which has multiple features that can help restaurant, retail, and home businesses grow their sales by simplifying operations and creating better solutions for themselves.

Retail POS

To grow your retail base, CISePOS’s cloud-based pos system offers the best integration with your operational set up so you can generate fast check-outs, collect customer data, and create reports with our web-based pos software that can make your team’s job effortlessly easy.

Restaurant POS

The restaurant pos software offered by CISePOS gives you room to create better solutions for your team by integrating online and ground transactions, better check-out solutions, data management for customers, financial reporting, and sales data reporting for effective analysis of your performance.

Free Trial Available

If you think CISePOS’s cloud-based pos system is a good fit for your business, but you don’t want to invest right away, we offer a free pos software trial that can help you determine the merit of our system. Take a look at the pos online demo above and contact us to get a 14-day free trial for your business.

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