Restaurant Tableside Order Management

In a fast-paced business like that of a restaurant, it’s a priority to make the tableside order management system efficient and easier. POS systems have increasingly been changing the dynamics of running a restaurant, and with the advanced tableside ordering system provided by ABBARePOS, taking an order has become easier than ever.

ABBARePOS’s order management system is designed to help the staff take orders and fulfill them more fastly and accurately. The ABBARePOS ordering system aims to provide better mobility, speed, and flexibility to your restaurant order management task while leading to more success in your business.

Accurate customer profiling

Fast and Efficient Ordering POS System

maABBARePOS is the all-in-one solution to making your order management system easier than ever before. The restaurant POS system is determined to increase table turns, resulting in improved customer services and boost your sales, which will ultimately lead to making your business more successful.


Increase Table Turn

With ABBARePOS, the staff doesn’t have to go back-and-forth every few minutes for the orders of a single table, they can stay where they are during the customers’ entire stay and easily provide every order management solution with accuracy. Increasing table turn ensures the restaurant gets more customers in and out its doors. The faster the staff turns tables, the more guests can be served, and the more the profit for the restaurant.


Maximize Sales

Having a tableside order management system means your servers get a visible menu at their hand to take orders more accurately. This also optimizes your restaurant management services and results in increased sales


Offer Great Customer Service

Deliver the best dining experience, providing your customers with more security when paying through their credit cards as they will be able to pay from their table, while they’ll also have access to your staff and have their orders taken more accurately. All of this ensures your customer services to be more enhanced and satisfying.


Make Informed Decisions

Get insights into how your restaurant is performing, what actions your staff members are taking, manage your inventory, and study customer preferences, all of it through the ABBARePOS order management system. The software is designed to let you make informed decisions without having to lose sight of what’s happening in the restaurant and what needs changing.


Manage Menu Effortlessly

Update your menu items without fuss from one location, from inventory to ingredients and prices. Whether you operate at a single location or multiple locations, your menu management task becomes effortless with the order management system. The ABBARePOS team is standing by to help you make your menu more efficient either for in-house services or online orders.

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